Monday, December 3, 2007


KLM has announced that it placed another order with Boeing for 2 more Boeing 777-300ERs + 2 options + 3 Boeing 737-700s + 2 options. The airline has six B 773ERs on order with Boeing and is scheduled to take delivery of its first of this model in the first quarter of 2008. KLM currently operates a fleet of 15 B 772ERs in a combination of leases and direct purchases.

It also announced an order with Airbus for 2 more Airbus A 330-200s. KLM also announced that along with Air France, it is expected to place an order for 100 wide bodied long haul aircraft next summer which will fully replace within 7-8 years time its combined fleet of A 343s, B 744 Combis, MD 11s etc.

Analysis :

Unfortunately for Boeing, the B 789 isn't the perfect replacement aircraft for the B 74E and MD 11. If Boeing want this order, they have to speed up developing the B 787-100X as that is a future replacement aircraft for the A 333, A 343, B 772ER, MD 11 and B 744 Combis. If they cant offer the B 781 by Farnborough 2008, then the A 359 will win the KLM order.

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