Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gulf Air

Gulf Air has announced that it will make a big announcement at the upcoming Dubai Air show (Nov 11-15 2007) about its future plans as well as revealing a big order to lease wide bodied and narrow bodied Boeing and Airbus planes. Along with GF, EK, QR and possibly KU too are expected to order and firm up orders at this bi annual event.


Many people feel that the Boeing 787-800 & -900 series is the perfect replacement for GF's A 332/A 343 fleet. That may sound logical but to the naked eye, one reckons that the B 788 is too small to replace GF 's 3 class A 332s on medium haul flights as it has a very spacious J & F class cabin.

The perfect aircraft for
GF to purchase is the B 789 because it can be used for all flights in its network i.e. as a 3 class 240 seater for Europe & UK + possible future nonstop long hauls to USA & as a 2 class 270 seater for its high density Indian subcontinent/ BKK MNL / & JED bound flights.

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