Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Delta Airlines

Delta Airlines has announced that it will be reducing capacity on key trans-atlantic routes from its JFK hub for Summer 2008. The main highlights are as follows :

JFK-AMS/FRA/BRU...all 3 cities see reduced capacity by having a daily Boeing 757-200 being used instead of a daily Boeing 767-300ER.

Analysis :

One can conclude that DL makes a loss flying to AMS/BRU/FRA from JFK. Since it already has flights to AMS & FRA from ATL & CVG, it should stick to those than just un-necessarily adding flights from JFK to play ball with other airlines. Its just not worth it sending B 752s from JFK to AMS/BRU/FRA when its competing EU & U.S. carriers fly the same route with larger and more comfortable wide bodied aircraft. DL should suspend flights from JFK to these 3 EU airports and allocate their B 752ERs to more profitable and less competitive routes.

An idea for DL :

Why not use the B 752ERs on some medium density JFK-Latin America/Central America routes. AA uses their AB6s on some JFK-Central America routes and does well on them especially in the cargo belly.

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