Saturday, September 1, 2007

British Airways

British Airways has unveiled its Winter 2007-08 timetable which sees many changes to its long haul network in particular. The main highlights are as follows :

BLR - capacity increased to daily B 744 from daily B 772ER.

BOS - reduced to triple daily B 772ER from daily B 744 + double daily B 772ER.
CPT - increased from daily B 744 to double daily B 744.

DEL - capacity increased from double daily B 772ER to double daily B 744s.

DXB - capacity reduced to double daily B 772ERs from daily B 744 + daily B 772ER.

GRU - increased from daily B 744 to 10 weekly B 744s.

HKG - triple daily B 744s nonstop from LHR remain.

ISB - increased from 3 weekly B 744s to 6 weekly B 772ERs. From April 2008, it is expected to be further increased to 6 weekly B 744s.

IAD - reduced from triple daily to double daily flights i.e. daily B 744 + daily B 772ER.

MEX - reduced from 4 to 3 weekly B 744s.

SEA - capacity reduced to 5 weekly B 744s + 5 weekly B 772ERs.

YVR - reduced from 13 weekly B 744s to daily B 744.

YYC - reduced from 6 to 5 weekly B 772ERs.

Analysis :

The capacity increase to BLR is significant as its been done largely due to the high number of F & J class pax flying on BA to BLR from UK and North America. In order to cater for this surge in demand, BA made the wise move by deploying the larger B 744 to this route in the winter season as it has many more seats in F & J class cabins compared to the B 772ERs. This would make the route even more higher yielding and profitable for BA during the upcoming winter season. One fails to gather why 9W chose to fly from AMD & ATQ to LHR before BLR.

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